What You can Do to Help

Will you partner with us to bring this exciting Christian drama to the silver screen?

Phase 1: to prayerfully raise $1 million and secure the support of a Tier 1 actor or director who is committed to our faith vision.

Phase 2: when Phase 1 is completed, we will prayerfully secure $30 million funding for the film.

Phase 3: selection of actors, actresses, film crew, and staff who are committed to our vision, willing to even share some of their own expenses for their involvement so as to maximize the profitability for the film’s investors.

Phase 4: filming begins.

To make a financial commitment, or if you would like to apply for an acting or staff position, please fill out the following form:

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Your potential for profit is extraordinary. A Christian film that made it to theaters across America a couple of years ago cost $2 million to make and profited $35 million just in two years! Don't you wish you were in on the bottom floor of that project? Your profit potential for this project will be the percentage your gift relative is to cost of film, minus expenses, payable annually.

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